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NEW Alternative Dispute Resolution Service: LANDLORD AND TENANT MEDIATION

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Are you experiencing any of these issues:

  • Are you behind on rent due to Covid 19 or other situations?

  • Are you a landlord who depends on rental income for your income and not being paid?

  • Are there issues between neighbors in an apartment building that are causing concern for other tenants?

  • Are you willing to put in a “good faith” effort to resolve the dispute and improve the relationship with your landlord or tenant or neighbors?

Empowered Pathways, Inc. is available for assistance in all these scenarios and many more.

Empowered Pathways provides a variety of Alternative Dispute Resolution services including Landlord And Tenant Mediation. Empowered Pathways’ mediators (also called neutrals) have been trained by Unified Court System Certified trainers and are required to complete a six-month apprenticeship in which they observe and learn from experienced mediators before receiving their final certification.

Empowered Pathways can mediate a variety of Landlord and Tenant disputes including unpaid rent, disputes over security deposits, property damage, noise disturbances, and disputes between tenants. If the parties are represented by counsel, the attorneys are permitted to be present during the mediation process. Once a mediation agreement is reached, the parties can choose to make the agreement legally binding by having it submitted to the appropriate court.

Contact our Intake Coordinator, Lu Blanchard, at 315-724-1718 x 150

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