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Congratulations to Stephanie Eghigian - Recipient of the YWCA Human & Public Service Award

We couldn't be more proud of our Executive Director, Stephanie Eghigian, for being awarded this year's YWCA Salute Award for Human & Public Service. Stephanie has been a tireless advocate for women for many years and strives to be a voice for those who need one.

"I have witnessed the courage and resilience of women struggling to find a path out of poverty. Some of the bravest women I’ve met have made the difficult decision to seek help through our WERC program," she tells us. "These are the women I admire most."

In 2017, Stephanie was instrumental in leading a merger between the Women’s Employment & Resource Center and The Peacemaker Program. The merger saw great success, all while continuing to build more opportunities for women, children, and families across the Mohawk Valley. Now, Stephanie leads the program with passion. Armed with an expanded ability to advocate for all, she has provided hundreds of people with tremendous and life-altering opportunities.

Stephanie and her husband David have two sons, Jonathan and Justin, and are proud grandparents to five grandchildren. She is also an 11-year ovarian cancer survivor.

If you missed the YWCA SALUTE TO OUTSTANDING WOMEN, Class of 2020-2021 announcement , you can watch the entire reveal here:

The Salute to Outstanding Women event will be held on April 22 at noon, a virtual event that you can support and attend. To learn more about the important services the YWCA provides to women and families in our area, for information about the outstanding Honoree Class of 2020-2021 and for ticket information to the event, please visit:

We are all so proud! Congratulations to Stephanie!!! Much deserved.


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