Child Custody Advocate Program (CCAP) volunteers assist children caught in the middle of difficult custody disputes. The CCAP volunteer does this by looking into the background and current family situation for each child.

The advocate then provides the court with a carefully researched write up of the case, which assists the court in making informed decisions concerning the child’s custody and visitation.

Children served by CCAP have a better chance at a positive relationship with their parents.

Trained volunteers hear cases of consumers with developmental disabilities who lack decision-making capacity, and who have no legal guardian or authorized surrogate to make a decision or act in his or her best interest regarding medical treatment.  This is an alternative to the courts.  What makes SDMC different?

  • No court or attorney fees
  • Over 8,000 cases heard
  • Available Statewide
  • Hearings held in your area
  • Expedited hearings available
  • Hearings held within 14 days on average
  • Person-centered approach to medical decision-making

This helps to ensure that these individuals receive the quick, compassionate, well-informed decision making that they deserve without cost to them, guaranteeing access to much-needed medical care without unnecessary delays.

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