Revenge of The Conflict Creatures Mediation Skills

6 Hours

NOT YET AVAILABLE Using Personality Profiles As a Professional Neutral

  • $375.00
  • 1 Lesson(s)
  • 0 Attachment(s)

Beyond Ozzie and Harriet Mediation Skills

NOT YET AVAILABLE Making Child Support Work for Modern Families

  • $1,400.00
  • 1 Lesson(s)
  • 0 Attachment(s)

Conflict Resolution in The Workplace Communication Skills

NOT YET AVAILABLE Intermediate conflict resolution skills applied to a professional environment.

  • $750.00
  • 7 Lesson(s)
  • 0 Attachment(s)

Soft Skills Foundations Workplace Skills

NOT YET AVAILABLE Essential interpersonal skills for every profession.

  • $450.00
  • 1 Lesson(s)
  • 0 Attachment(s)

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